Public Market Feasibility Study

Prepared for the city of minneapolis - June 4, 2018

by Michael Lafave, kowsar mohamed & eric king

Partnership Resolutions


resolution adopting implementation plan for cedar riverside opportunity center

june 20, 2016

resolution adopting program design and funding plan for cedar riverside opportunity center

april 11, 2016


resolution adopting refined planning framework for cedar riverside opportunity hub

july 27, 2015

resolution adopting planning framework for cedar riverside opportunity hub

march 5, 2015

resolution in support of the cedar riverside youth service provider collaborative

march 5, 2015


resolution to support creating a youth service provider collaborative

november 13, 2014

resolution adopting preliminary framework for cedar riverside workforce center

november 13, 2014


resolution in support of exploring ideas for the redesign and construction of a new pedestrian bridge over i-94 at 22nd avenue

november 25, 2013

resolution in support of a three-lane design with parking on the west side for cedar avenue

november 25, 2013

resolution in support of a three-lane design for cedar avenue to achieve existing policy goals

february 20, 2013

resolution regarding recommendations for city of minneapolis policy on self-managed special service districts

february 20, 2013


resolution in support of implementing cedar avenue policy guidance

november 16, 2012

resolution to request city council approval for west bank improvement district as pilot demonstration pending development of city policy

november 16, 2012

resolution of appreciation to mark eustis for his contributions to the cedar riverside partnership

june 22, 2012


resolution to request city and county explore interest in ssd participation

August 31, 2011

resolution to endorse concept of cedar riverside special service district, support further outreach, and support preparation of petition

may 23, 2011

resolution to endorse city of minneapolis tod initiative and partnership

march 14, 2011


resolution to endorse partnership focus on riverside avenue streetscape and chance and the humphrey institute special service district study

december 21, 2010

Resolution to endorse chance neighborhood business fellows & carlson consulting enterprise project proposal

march 1, 2010

Resolution to endorse health Careers pathways for cedar riverside youth

march 1, 2010


resolution of support for health careers education & training initiative

April 24, 2009

resolution to endorse integrated framework to infrastructure investments & land use planning

july 15, 2009